Ninja Kick is a power-up sold in the premium shop and at the marketplace. It currently costs 30 FB credits if bought in the premium shop. It is coveted by many players and is commonly used in scams at the marketplace. 


A player successfully performs a Ninja Kick.

This power-up grants the user the ability to smash through pieces of obstacles. Here are a few things to take note:

  • To use the ability, simply press the Spacebar while in mid-air.
  • The power-up is inexhaustible and can be used as long as the player isn't eliminated.
  • The player can only kick once for every jump.
  • Obstacles are only limited to wooden crates. It has no effect on glass walls and being used on sawblades is lethal to the user.
  • Every successful kick gives +5 exp.



A comparison of the Ninja Kick and the Lawl mouth in the trading window.

Scam Tactic

The Ninja Kick is a popular scam item in the marketplace. A player would offer a seller a Ninja Kick along with some other items as distraction. Before locking in, the player will slyly replace the Ninja Kick with a Lawl mouth since both look very similar. The seller can easily be fooled if he/she isn't paying much attention or is too hyped up with the thought of having a Ninja Kick.